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Gladtidings Ragdolls - a dream come true

Welcome to Gladtidings Ragdolls. My name is Sarah Gladwin and I am a hobby breeder based in Walderslade Woods, Kent which is easily accessed by the M25, M2/A2 and M20 motorway networks. I have bred 'Traditional' Ragdolls since 2002, obtaining my Prefix in January 2005 and breed colourpoint, mitted and bi-colour kittens in blue and seal. I also have a stunning blue tortie mitted girl and seal tabby girl who complement my 'Traditional' Ragdolls perfectly. My Ragdolls are bred first and foremost in keeping with 'the look and type' that encapsulates the 'Traditional' Ragdoll that Ann Baker (the pioneer of the Ragdoll breed) was so passionate about and therefore I am committed to preserve the traditional lines that I am so passionate about.

Every endeavour is taken to ensure that the kittens I breed are strong, healthy, loving and well socialised. All my cats have undertaken DNA genetic testing to ensure they are free from the known HCM gene and PKD. They are regularly vaccinated, vet checked, wormed, preventative flea treated and provided with the best diet possible to ensure that they in turn produce healthy, strong kittens with a temperament second to none.

All my kittens are raised indoors as part of the family with an abundance of time, love and affection and therefore well socialised, well balanced and confident, ready for their new adventures. Kittens leave with Royal Canin kitten packs, diet and care sheet, 5 generation pedigree, vaccination card, thoroughly vet checked, 'white registration card', kitten sales agreement, toys, 4 weeks Pet Plan insurance, microchipping and a lifetime of aftercare support.

Here at Gladtidings Ragdolls, I have decided to introduce the chocolate and lilac lines and this has been made possible by like minded breeders who have allowed me some of their lines to enable me to develop mine. Chocolate and lilac lines were thought to have been bred out of the Ragdoll gene pool, however, with the benefit of DNA testing,a few breeders have found that their lines contained the colours all along. With careful, selective breeding 'carriers' of the gene were put together to produce 'visuals'. During the course of the next couple of years, I intend to develop these lines to ensure that their colourings can be enjoyed by all. 


Alongside my endeavours to introduce the chocolate and lilac lines, is my passion to preserve the Traditional lines that trace all the way back to Josephine herself.  These lines are becomng increasingly rare in the UK, and myself and a few other like minded breeders are working hard to ensure these lines are preserved.  Therefore, with the introduction of my home-bred boy Gladtidings Dragonfly and a small handful of Traditional line girls from other Traditional catteries, i hope to build up my Traditional foundation lines thus ensuring diversity and preservation.

Breeding Ragdolls is a passion that allows a dream to come true. From the planning of litters, conception, their safe arrival, weaning, litter training, socialising, to handing over a precious bundle to the new owner and the sheer look of delight on their faces as you do so, to owning such wonderful, stunning and affectionate cats, makes all the hard work worthwhile and turns the dream into a reality.

Please feel free to e-mail me at sjgladwin979@gmail.com

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