Absolutely stunning kittens have arrived from: 


Florence and Dragonfly and there is one blue mitted tabby boy available.  

Ready to leave Friday 29th October 2021. 



Enquiries welcome. 



For peace of mind, here at Gladtidings Ragdolls, the kittens receive the full package to ensure new owners can concentrate on giving the love and attention their little ones crave and therefore on leaving our care the kittens will be:

GCCF Registered
Fully vaccinated (Cat flu and enteritus)
Fully vet checked four times
Litter trained
Preventative flea treated

Castrated/spayed (if possible)


Girls will be neutered before leaving. However, it is not always possible to castrate boys before they leave due to them being developmentally immature and therefore castration is recommended a couple of months later. 

I work closely in conjunction with my vet and there are times when, in the best interests of the kitten, girls may have to be delayed being neutered also.  Kittens are living animals which develop at their own pace and therefore, each kitten is assessed on an individual basis. 

They will also leave with:

5 Generation Pedigree
GCCF White Registration card
4 weeks kitten insurance with Pet Plan
Kitten packs which includes food sample, litter and toys
Full diet and care sheet
Vaccination card

and most importantly, a lifetime of breeder support.

A non-refundable deposit of £250 will secure your kitten, the balance of £600 payable on collection of your kitten. The girl kittens will be £950 due to the increased costs of neutering girls. 

Kittens are not sold on a 'first come, first served basis' , as living animals, I reserve the right, to ensure my kittens go to the right homes to enable them to have a happy, fullfilled and stimulating life as possible, to be loved and cherished as much as they have been here. A tremendous amount of time, effort, heartache and devotion has been poured into these precious little bundles and therefore I would like all prospective new owners to ensure they can commit to continuing on this path.

It is therefore important to do your research to ensure a Ragdoll is the right cat for you. Ragdolls are an indoor, semi-long haired breed that occasionally shed hair and require regular grooming. Ragdolls crave human attention and for this reason cannot be left on their own all day. If due to personal circumstances or lifestyle, a kitten is to be left unattended, it is far kinder to purchase in pairs to ensure the kittens have company and a harmonious wellbeing. The kittens have been raised in a loving, years stimulating environment with constant attention and therefore it is important that this continues in their new home. 

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Walderslade Woods 


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