Gladtidings Memphis Bell - blue colourpoint

Memphis is a truly imposing and stunning Ragdoll. Large boned, extremely dense long coat and fantastic laid back temperament. Her pedigree is 100% Traditional and traces back to Josephine herself. She absolutely adores her belly being rubbed and flops down in front of you until she has got her way.  She is my Champion girl Priscilla’s daughter and is an absolutely fantastic advocate for the breed and I am so proud of her.

Memphis, my beautiful blue colourpoint girl relaxing.




Champion Gladtidings Priscilla - blue colourpoint

Priscilla, a stunning blue colourpoint, home bred girl. She makes me extremely proud to own such a gorgeous girl because she encapsulates exactly everything a Ragdoll should be - absolutely gorgeous and a temperament to die for. Priscilla has just started her show career. At the Kentish Cat Show at Maidstone in October, she received her first Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed, at The British Ragdoll Cat Show in Tamworth, she received her second Challenge Certificate and finally at The Maidstone and Medway Cat Show at Bracknell, she received her third, thus making her a Champion. We are extremely proud of her!






Gladtidings Bellatrix - seal colourpoint carrying chocolate 

Bellatrix is another up and coming home bred girl who is a seal colourpoint carrying chocolate and will also help to develop my chocolate and lilac lines. An extremely friendly girl who is Grand Champion sired. A beautiful silky coat, a long body and good boning, is blossoming into a beautiful girl who craves attention and loves to be cuddled. A real purr machine.





Gladtidings Pandora - Seal colourpoint carrying chocolate (2 CC's)

Pandora is our stunning seal colourpoint homebred girl, daughter of Izabella, who will be entering the show circuit shortly. A dense, snow white coat contrasts beautifully against the deep seal points. The deepest of blue eyes that convey such a sweet expression that sum up this truly delightful girl. Pandora was shown at the Southern Counties Cat Show in Reading and received her first Challenge Certificate at her first ever show. She has subsequently received her second CC and we are extremely proud of her and look forward to taking her again soon to make her up to Champion.



Magisrags Theodora - blue bi colour


A blue bi-colour from the Magisrags cattery. Theodora, is also a fully Traditional girl. A gorgeous girl who will aid the preservation of the Traditional lines perfectly.






Happytyme Amelia Rose - seal bi colour


Our new addition, Amelia, a seal bi-colour from the Happytyme cattery. An equally gorgeous fully Traditional girl to add diversity to our Traditional breeding programme.


Gladtidings Madison - blue bi colour carrying chocolate

Madison, my blue bi colour girl carrying chocolate, home-bred girl. Perfectly marked and with a fantastic temperament. Snowy white coat and beautiful deep blue eyes make this girl an absolute stunner. She has certainly followed in her Grand Champion Dad's footsteps.  I am so proud of my beautiful girl.

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